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Making a Payment to a Lender or Payee

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  • Making a Payment to a Lender or Payee

    If you are a Premium Loan Tracker user, there is a Payment tab on your contract. Select the Payment Tab and follow the steps to make a payment to your lender.

    If you DO NOT see a Payment tab on your contract, then contact your lender and make arrangements to pay them directly or to upgrade the loan contract on the ZimpleMoney platform.

    If you need to mail a check, then mail it directly to your lender and NOT ZimpleMoney.

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    Who is charged the 2% transaction fee plus $1? Is this charged to the lender's credit card and the lender needs to put this in the loan as a recurring charge or does the system automatically charge this fee to the borrower and the lender does not need to include the recurring transaction fee in the loan?
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      The lender can choose to pay it or pass it along to the borrower. The choice is provided during the loan set-up.