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Skipping or Adjusting a Due Date

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  • Skipping or Adjusting a Due Date

    Lenders can skip or adjust due dates for borrowers. Open the contract you want to modify. On the left side of the page see Next Payment. Click on the "$ amount and due date." It should show as green which identifies editable features. A pop up will present itself and you can adjust the Next Due Date, then select Update. Review the Payment Summary Box on the left to confirm the modified Next Payment due date.

    If the payment is current, that is all you need to do.

    If the payment was past due:
    • It is your option to delete the late payment from the Ledger by clicking the RED X,
    • Then select the Schedule Tab to mark the payment as skipped/paid,
    • Select View Past Payment Schedule
    • You have the option to mark the Payment and Fees as Paid/Skipped for all past due payments and one payment forward.

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    The account is current and the status of this payment is now in "pending". I'd like to cancel it. Is that possible?


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      A "pending" item is being processed and been sent through the Federal Reserve's ACH network. It cannot be cancelled.